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At Winning Strategies we can take your business or personal life to the next level with our coaching and consulting services. Our approach is strengths-based and solution-focused allowing our clients to create realistic, yet self directed goals. Through a collaborative effort our clients feel empowered and successful.

Co-Parent Education:  In most contested custody cases, a co-parenting seminar will be court-ordered. In this six-hour session you will learn about the process of mediation, healthy communication skills, and how to effectively and collaboratively create an age appropriate co-parenting plan.

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Skill Building:  Yes, I Am a Happiness Addict!!

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  • Leadership Development
  • Anger Management/Conflict Resolution, and more...

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Winning Strategies, LLC is an organizational development firm in Williamsport, Maryland. As a consultant, the goal is to assist you in the journey towards personal, professional, or organizational growth. We provide a wide range of specialized skills in specific areas of interest to bring fresh ideas, neutrality, and objectivity to your project, such as conflict resolution, personal or professional coaching, facilitative services, team building, media relations and leadership development. Backed by more than 20 years of experience, we believe in meeting people where they are and helping them get where they want to be.

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